About Us

Al Nisr Auto Repairing is a car service company specializing in Removing Dents and Parking Dings WITHOUT PAINTING (Paintless Dents Removal technology - PDR).

PDR is a unique way of removing dents without harming the original vehicles’ paint.

Our staff is highly professional PDR technology specialists from Ukraine. They have great experience and skills on removing Dents and Parking Dings without painting, which is guarantee the HIGHEST QUALITY of work with your car!

By using this technology, small dents, parking dings and even larger dents could be removed from your car, without the need for repainting or refinishing by a body shop.

It`s a kind of “art”, using special dent removal tools, PDR specialists working out the dents from both behind the panel and also from in front until it removed .

They gaining access to the inside skin of the metal and apply gentle pressure to slowly pulling the dent out, so there’s no affect or damage caused to the original paint of your car. And there is no need for any fillers, paint or sanding work to be used in the process. If there is no access from the inside it may be possible to use a special glue system to pull the dent from the outside of the panel.


  • Affordable Prices
  • Fast Repair (From 30 Minutes Onwards)
  • Does Not Damage Your Original Car Paint
  • Keeping Your Car Value, Because Car Dealers Will Considerably Reduce Price For A Vehicle Shows Any Sign Of Accident (Painted Panels, Fillers Etc.)

Other services

  • Scratches Removal - SMART Repair
  • High Quality 3M Car Polishing
  • Headlight Restoration
  • Bumper Repair